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The SLAG-FS gadget is a free music-playing application. Its name stands for Simple Little Audio Gadget Full Screen. Some of the key features of this gadget is that in its normal mode it is quite small but it is able to fill up the entire screen when needed. When this gadget is playing music it is able to show the album art or display visual animations such as in regular players. You can change this by clicking on the red dot in the lower right corner. If you want it in full screen mode all you have to do is click on the visualization. Another feature is that you can adjust the volume using your mouse or the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys on your keyboard. The horizontal bar on the album cover shows the track’s progress and you can easily move it if you want. You can even increase the size of the font when in full screen mode just by going to the options menu. There is also a Search Title and Artist function wherein you can easily play all the songs with the word ‘love’ in their title. Lastly you can drag files directly into the gadget and play them immediately when needed.


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